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Progressive Learning

This is not a book

I’ve been asked numerous times what my philosophy is on educational technology.

I hesitate to write about personal views, as they can and do change over time.  Years from now, will I look back on this post and still agree with what I’m writing today?  I’m not sure.  But that is part of what excites me: the ever-changing view on life, on education, on the human mind, and on technology.

So to that question:  What is your philosophy on educational technology?

First and foremost, I am an educator.  Give me a pencil, an iPad, a fancy custom LMS, a stick and some dirt.  I will educate.  Education first, medium closely second.  Technology platforms provide us with immense affordances.  If I didn’t believe in the value of these affordances, I would not do what I do with such passion.  But at the forefront is the educational value of the technology initiative that I am pursuing.  Aesthetics and usability matter.  If you are learning to read, the words should be legible.  If you are navigating a website, the interface should facilitate.  Technology can, and should, facilitate learning.


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